New Year, New Goals

…Or old goals, because, let’s face it, last year’s weren’t met.

I still haven’t completed that proofreading and editing course I meant to finish in the autumn either. Apparently it doesn’t matter when goals are set, they don’t necessarily happen.

Last year I started the year with Resolutions. This year, I’m having Goals.

One is to complete that blasted course. I know, it’s not so important now that I am actually a proofreader, but I dislike leaving something incomplete.

A second is to finish planning and write the story otherwise distracting me from my other hobbies. I have coloured pens and a fresh notebook. I’ve also managed to write the first chapter or so.  This will happen.

Finally, I have a goal of writing at least once a month here.  More if I can manage it, but definitely once. (Every time I see or read about bullet journals, I think What’s wrong with a diary? but I’m beginning to feel it might be useful. Might help me with to-do lists…)


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