NaNoWriMo 2017

Well, weekly posts lasted a while. Oops. Time ran away with me. October turned out to be a busier month than anticipated, and ended on a high: for one, I left debt-collection for proof-reading; for two, an article I wrote for a writers competition finished as a runner-up.

And now I find myself nearly a week into NaNoWriMo, having had vague ideas of attempting it again, with the first of the series I planned and re-planned during the July camp, without having begun. So I’m just over eight thousand words behind before I even start, if I manage to get my act together enough to do so. Of course, I do also have two jobs, that proof-reading and editing course to complete, Christmas crafting to prepare, and, no doubt, other distractions and life-complications.

But if I don’t make a stab at starting this story, after all the planning I’ve done and despite that left to do, I probably never will. The trouble with planning is that it’s something which you can keep doing. Teasing out niggly little ideas, plotting each piece of action, faffing with frankly inconsequential details. At some point though, you do need to stop and get on with writing it. Besides, the characters might not like the plan. They might rebel and go their own way, so the plan needs to be rewritten.

Here’s to a sleepless November!


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