Learning to Drive (Again)

I stopped driving about seven years ago. There were various reasons for this, and it’s only recently that I’ve wanted, or needed, to drive again.

Mainly I’ve needed to get back behind the wheel because I found myself signed up to being a co-pilot on a 1500 mile round-England tour. In a 1968 Triumph Herald 1200. In 48 hours. Top speed about 60 mph (my dad got her to almost 70, but she didn’t like that much).


Prior to the Tour, I had only ever driven the Herald once. Round an empty Tesco’s carpark.

Fortunately, my 2 hour stint as the driver on the Tour was at silly o’clock in the morning, down a lovely empty motorway.

I also decided that driving the Herald is more comfortable and easier than driving modern cars. Going to have to find one of my own.


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