The Secret of Magic

In 1945, a decorated black soldier is murdered on his way home to Revere, Missisippi.

A year later, Regina Robichard, a black New York civil rights lawyer, is called upon to investigate. She finds herself almost in the pages of a much loved novel from her childhood, the author of which is the woman who called her to Revere. But she still has the murder to investigate.

I found that the writing crept up on me – the first few chapters I could put the book down, but the further through I got, the more entangled I became. The voice was that of a slow, Deep South drawl – charming, friendly even, but with a steely undercurrent. Faint, but there. (At least, that’s how it sounded in my head.)

I liked the way the happenings of Regina’s investigation were interwoven with images from the childhood novel, Revere scattered with references and places described, and Regina sometimes thinking she could see the three main characters running together, investigating a murder of their own.

I liked The Secret of Magic by Deborah Johnson. I think you should read it too.




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