Twenty-First Century Books

The Invisible Library

Imagine a library which contains at least one copy of everything ever printed in this world. Imagine one which contains copies from many alternative realities of this world. Now imagine one which sends its librarians to these alternative realities to collect these copies, often in perilous situations, sometimes facing the supernatural or the magical. Welcome… Continue reading The Invisible Library


From the North With Love: Macclesfield

Most towns have moments in their history which cause outsiders to snort in disbelief. Macclesfield has a Potato Riot. Not only that, but, this year, there was a re-enactment of it. The original riot was on the 13th April 1812. It began with threatening letters to the shopkeepers and ended with the Royal Cumberland Militia rounding up the ringleaders. In… Continue reading From the North With Love: Macclesfield