Camp NaNo 2017

The recent trauma of moving and job-hunting, combined with the upcoming blogiversery (not that I tend to bother with such things) of this blog, have forced (okay, encouraged) me to re-evaluate. Life, work, writing, blogs. The lot.

A revamp is currently underway on my other blog, and I’ve been planning how best to continue with this one. I took a three-month leave of absence last year, after what I consider to have been a fairly strong start (in respect of regularity and consistency) and almost decided that the crafts were more fun/more my thing/more something. Since then, my posting here has been irregular at best.

But the trauma, and the re-dreaming of old dreams, and the beginning of Camp NaNo next weekend are having the effect of refocusing my efforts. So I’ve been spending the last few weeks working out what it is I want for my blogs. I think I’m nearly there. My hope is that I will be organised, in mind and on paper, for the start of Camp. And that Camp will kick-start my blogging-productivity again.

My plan will be two posts a week: one a book review, t’other something writerly. My aim is to improve my writing skills across all genres and encourage my fiction. Because, goddammit, I will finish the story I’ve been writing, rewriting, and rewriting some more for the last I’ve lost count how many years!







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