The Six Sisters

I like historical romances. I’ve made some excellent friends through a shared love of Georgette Heyer’s novels. In fact, it was one of those friends who sent me the complete set of novels for the Six Sisters, by MC Beaton.

This is a series about six beautiful daughters of an impoverished clergyman, set in Regency England. Fortunately these girls have a Society sponsor in the shape of one Lady Godolphin.

Had anyone else sent me these novels, or indeed recommended them (which, to be fair, this friend didn’t), I would have cut all ties. I very nearly threw all six of the novels at the wall at some point in my reading of them, and I still can’t believe that I did actually finish them. All. And I haven’t yet dispatched them to a charity shop.

There was too much of a ‘look at my research’ feel about the writing, too many explanations of how society functioned or the class hierarchy, and frankly both heroes and heroines behaved as scandalously as the villains. And the humour grew thin quite quickly.

I do not, under any circumstances, suggest you read these books. Which is a shame because Beaton’s murder mysteries with Agatha Raisin are quite fun. I haven’t read the Scottish ones to comment. But stay away from the Regency romances. That’s my advice.


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