To Have Courage of Conviction

It seems a coincidence that this past month of job-hunting has been accompanied by various articles in various publications on the art of getting the job, of taking whatever the interviewer(s) might throw at you and handling it with aplomb. In fact, on the art of Answering Correctly. It probably isn’t a coincidence – New Year, new you, new job, etc.

They weren’t much help in my own search and interviews. Mostly, this is because several of the interviews were more in the style of Formal Conversations, and I don’t shine when it comes to small talk or selling myself when asked the horribly open-ended “So, tell me/us about yourself”. I can, though, blag my way through a standardised interview, when at least the questions give me some hint as to what they want to hear.

One of the questions made me think, though: A Weakness of Mine. (The articles advocated only briefly mentioning the actual weakness, and moving swiftly on to what you’re doing about it. I don’t think I did this. Still got the job.)

Tempting though it was to respond with “Chocolate”, I resisted, and came to the conclusion that a reasonable weakness to admit is a lack of courage, or confidence, in my convictions, to the point of being able to defend them in public. Personally, I’m hideously volatile and will happily argue with friends or family. Publicly, not so much. Too afraid of offending, I think, or of being wrong.

It isn’t a weakness I’ve always had, either, just one which has developed as I have grown older. No doubt an Expert would say it has something to do with being a woman and socially programmed blah blah blah. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Whatever the reason, I feel the best way to work on this is to start writing down and publishing some of the opinions my brain scribbles in quiet, and not so quiet, moments.

So, tell me: What’s one of your weaknesses? (My other one is a good Scotch. Neat, please.)


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