Miss Fisher Investigates

I will admit, I found this series on Netflix first, and absolutely adored it. My reading of the series has, therefore, been coloured by the fact that I watched it first.

I’ve read three of these novels by Kerry Greenwood, the first and two a bit later in the series. They are not long or complicated, and neither are they cosy mysteries. Miss Phryne Fisher is a 1920s’ socialite-cum-lady-detective in Melbourne, Australia. She turns to detective work as an antidote to the insufferable boredom of the lady’s lot in Society. I don’t blame her in the slightest – I can imagine that the life of a lady of leisure would become boring quite quickly.

I like Phryne Fisher; I admire her derring-do attitude and her many talents, and wish I had even half of her adventurous spirit.

But – I prefer the TV series. I don’t dislike the books; they are a very enjoyable read, the problems to be solved reasonably done and historical references aren’t shoved down your throat in a “Look at my research” kind of way; and I’ll certainly continue to read the series as I come across the books in my local library. I just won’t go out of my way to rush off for the next installment, nor will I worry unduly about reading them out of order. But I will be interested to read the ones which were adapted to TV episodes.



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