Books in Boxes

Two things occurred to me as I packed my books into boxes.

Firstly, that I have more books, unread, on my shelves than I thought. And this isn’t even my complete library. Perhaps only a quarter of the books I own. I won’t even hazard a guess at the unread number currently being safeguarded by my parents.

Secondly, I have as many books which I have read but which insufficiently enthused me. Some books you love so much you can’t help but talk about them; you want to share them with the world, for everyone to read and enjoy and share the magic. Some books you hate so much you have to talk about them so others avoid your mistake. (Fortunately, this has been a rare experience for me. Actually, there’s only one book which I can remember disliking to this extent.)

But then there’s a third category. Those books which…just…don’t…inspire…You read them, they’re something to read, but that’s about it. You don’t gush about them, and you don’t bitterly condemn them. And I don’t even expend energy writing about them. Which is a bit of a shame. There’s nothing particularly bad about them, they just aren’t particularly memorable. They simply sit, gathering dust, on my shelves because I can only rarely bring myself to dispose of books. Lend them to people, no problem, keep them for as long as you like – but actually get rid of them? No. Not even if I hate it. So perhaps, if I can get my act together, I shall begin a monthly round-up of Indifferent Reviews, the precise format still to be decided.

And then, as I unpack my books from their boxes at the end destination, a third thing occurs to me.

The reason for this packing of boxes – a move hundreds of miles away – is a good moment, better even than a New Year, to reinvent myself and my blog. Not entirely, still primarily about books, but also stories and explorations, since I don’t know very much about the place I’ve moved to. But watch this space. As with the Indifferent Reviews, still to be decided. It is, as yet, still an Idea.


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