Round Ireland with a Fridge

How much would you have to be paid to hitch-hike anywhere with a fridge in your hand-luggage?

Tony Hawkes did it for a £100 bet. Round Ireland. In less than a month. The fridge cost more than the bet was worth.

Round Ireland with a Fridge is the story of his journey, one May in the ’90s. (I’d look up when exactly, but I’m not that fussed. Think the book was published in 1998.) Back before mobile phones were essential items and everyone carried one. His fridge was small and square, and had a little trolley, and was eventually named Saoirse.

If you enjoy travel-books, or novels like Three Men on a Boat, this is a book for you. Nothing very fancy or deep-thinking, but light-hearted and what-the-hell-ish. I mean, why else would you voluntarily go travelling with a fridge? Which can’t be plugged in and therefore isn’t much use as an actual fridge…


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