When it comes to crime novels, I prefer murder-mysteries over thrillers and conspiracy theories. I’m just not that keen on fast-paced stories of People in High Places Covering Up. TV series tend to go a bit silly over that kind of thing and ruins an otherwise good thing.

James Bond is not really my cup of tea. My favourite film is the David Niven Casino Royale because it’s a spoof. The rest, well, I’ve seen some of them. The only one I really remember is the one with Boris and “I am invincible!” right before the ceiling falls on him. The Man with the Golden Gun?

That said, I greatly enjoyed reading Moonraker, one of Ian Fleming’s middle books. I found it extremely gripping, but probably not for the same reasons as other people.

I’m in my 20s, and I like a good game of Bridge. Well, I prefer Whist, but that’s because of the bidding (or lack thereof in Whist). I greatly appreciated Fleming’s scene in the club where Bond fleeces the cheating Hugo Drax. I also liked the fact that this supposed hero of England was suspect because he cheated at cards. The rest of the story was a bit of a let-down, if I’m honest, but that scene! Fleming very clearly knew what he was talking about, in terms of the cards and the club. (And I’d like to belong to a club like that. Most civilised.)

One of the most thrilling scenes I can remember reading, was that scene in the club.


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