Night Watch

I started the Discworld series at the beginning, with the intention of reading them in order.

Actually, that’s a lie. I started with Hogfather, after watching the TV series at the behest of two siblings, both long-term Terry Pratchett fans. Then I went back to the beginning with the intention of reading my way through my sister’s fairly complete collection, in order. I think I only read a couple before I went off with someone else’s book.

Since then, I’ve begun again, again at the beginning, having found The Colour of Magic in a charity shop. This time, though, I’m not reading them in order and nor am I trying to. I’m reading them as I find them, either in charity shops or in the library.

With one thing and another, it’s taken me three weeks to read Night Watch, a fact I only know because I returned it to the library on its due date.

Simply put, I was in no hurry to read this book, fun though it was.

I had the same problem with I Shall Wear Midnight, which I’d borrowed previously and didn’t finish. This, though, isn’t going to stop me from reading more Discworld novels. Not every book is a gem, and I didn’t absolutely hate Night Watch or I Shall Wear Midnight. Simply that they weren’t books I would read through the night to finish. And that’s fine. If I did that with every book I read, I wouldn’t get any sleep.


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