NaNo Camp in July

You might have heard of the writing challenge NaNoWriMo, which challenges the Writer to complete a first draft, from scratch, with a minimum word count of fifty thousand. It takes place every November.

You might be less familiar with the Camp NaNos, which take place in April and July. There are no official challenges for the camps, it is simply a time for the Writer to set his or her own target (writing, editing, or otherwise) and to focus on that for the month.

I’ve attempted NaNoWriMo twice, with success the first year and failure the second.

This year, for July, though not officially camping, I’ve decided to take the month to focus on various writing interests of mine. Like this blog, and my original crafty blog, and fiction.

But I’m not attempting another novel. Having received various critiques from readers I trust with regards to my only finished novel, I thought I’d put novel-writing to one side for a while, and focus on shorter fiction. The sort of thing which won’t take me three years to get to the sending-off-to-readers-stage.

The other part of my Camp NaNo project is the establishing of Good Writing Habits. They say it takes about a month to break old habits and establish new ones*, so I’m going to use this month to try and establish some Routine and Discipline, in order to have the time for all my writing and crafting pleasures.

Are you Camping this July? Or has the weather put you off? What are your Camp NaNo plans?


*can’t remember where I heard this, or which experts “They” are, but I assure you it was person or persons of sufficient expertise.


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