The Reading List

There’s a reason I’ve been unable to write reviews recently. It’s quite a good reason.

It’s a common problem for avid readers and book-collectors.

Basically, I’ve managed to gather quite a lot of new-to-me books, and I keep starting a different one, without finishing the last.

Reading List

I picked up The Case of the Gilded Fly because it described the person who decided where to put Didcot station as a “witless godling”, a phrase which amused me greatly. I had to have the book after that.

The rest I merely gathered, for various reasons.

But this is my Reading List for the foreseeable future. Give or take the occasional trip to the library. And research required for my current writing.


2 thoughts on “The Reading List

  1. I have been doing the same thing lately which is abnormal for me. I typically am really strict about finishing the book I’m on before picking up another book. However, lately I want to read all of them all at the same time. Which makes it a little difficult to finish any of them. Haha. So, I feel your pain!

    – Jenn

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