Searching for New Worlds

When on the hunt for your next read, in a bookshop or a library, how do you hunt?

Do you go straight for a preferred  genre or author, or do you meander and see what you find? I’m assuming, of course, that you aren’t in a rush. You shouldn’t hunt books in a hurry.

For myself, I like to meander, even if there is a specific book I’m after. I like to add to my wishlist, which grows quite a bit each week – oh the trials of working for a book-supplier!

Sometimes I think it would be more fun if bookshops and libraries didn’t bother   with organising the books – either alphabetically or by genre – and just jumbled them all up, kind of like in charity shops or on book -stalls, so you have to look through them all to find the one you really want. I think there can be too much temptation otherwise just to stick with the authors you already know and love and not branch out.

And, actually, the whole genre-thing annoys me. Children’s fiction is simply that – with no sub-divisions of fantasy/crime/romance/what-have-you (or does it get labelled these days?) – but Adults apparently need to be told (warned, perhaps) of what to expect. I normally say I’m not much of a fantasy reader, but that’s not really true – I just don’t read the Epic Quests or the million-book series of Reluctant Hero (longlost heir/ess) Overthrowing Evil Overlord (wicked relative). (And, no, I’m not reading A Song of Ice and Fire.)

But that’s a whole other post – Looking for New Worlds. I’m a spend-all-afternoon in the bookshop kind of a person, and I hate browsing for books online. I just can’t really get a proper feel for the book if I can’t pick it up and flick through all the pages. It’s probably why I don’t get along with my Kindle  very well, although I am currently wading through George Eliot’s The Mill on the Floss on it.

How do you search for new worlds?



5 thoughts on “Searching for New Worlds

  1. The only time I head straight for a particular section is when I have been dying to read a certain author’s book and I know I will forget all about it once I start strolling through the aisles.. otherwise I just enjoying walking around aimlessly looking at the books….

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  2. I guess I like to do things a little backwards. I like to go to the sections where my favorite genres or authors are, spend an hour looking through them, and then spend the rest of the afternoon looking at the rest of the store/library. I have an annoying habit of pulling books that look interesting off the shelf and reading them indian-style in the middle of the row. Public libraries and Half Price Books don’t seem to mind, but employees at other book stores generally frown at me. I don’t mind :). I think there needs to be some division amongst books…otherwise how would you find something you really needed to find? However, I think there are too many book labels. Several books are considered cross-overs genres!

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    1. There are WAY too many labels for books! I think there should be Simple Fiction for young readers (picture books, for example), and everything else, maybe with a “Real World”/Outlandish division to identify which books have fantastical elements and which don’t.

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