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The End

I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.

Steven Wright

It’s a good feeling, placing a full stop and knowing that, yes, you have reached the end – of the draft, if not the book. Of course, it probably isn’t the end, not just yet, but for the moment, it is, and it feels good.

Yesterday, after longer than I care to remember, I reached just such a point with Draft 3. Thanks to stalling on the last few thousand words, most of it has already been edited, and only this last section of fifteen thousand or so needs to be gone over again. Such a sigh of relief to have got this far.

At this point, I think the fun is really going to start. Now that I actually have a ‘proper’ manuscript to work with, and not just ideas somehow strung together to make a story. Now that my characters are actually beginning to show themselves. It’s good to feel that The End is really in sight – there’s only so many times I can keep going over the same ground and finding new things to say about it.

Or am I the only writer to become bored by his/her own creations? Not in the beginning, obviously, when all is new and shiny and not yet know, but now, several drafts down the road, when the squabbling starts over who’s in charge…


2 thoughts on “The End

  1. WELL DONE! 😀 It sounds like you’re in an awesome place right now and I wish you lots of luck with that final push.

    I totally hear you about the boredom. It’s so weird, because I’m pretty much obsessed with my WIP, but also I am really quite bored with it. But I suppose you’d get bored with any book if you spent as long staring at it as you do with one you’re actually writing, wouldn’t you?

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    1. Thanks. I will admit, it is quite a wonderful feeling to let it go and not have to think about it for the moment (I have since done the editing required and am now waiting for my readers to get back to me). Good luck with yours.
      I found copious amounts of tea and good, dark chocolate helped me through the boredom. When it got really bad, having a tantrum and going for a brisk walk. I suppose the other problem with writing a book is, generally – if planned properly – you already know how it’ll end…Like watching a film when you know what happens and you just want to shout “Hurry up!”. Hey hum. Just think of the end and how relieved you’ll be to have got there!


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