Daughter of Smoke and Bones

I’ve been in some sort of withdrawal this week – I’ve been reading War of the Worlds, by HG Wells, and I just haven’t been able to concentrate fully. I’ve heard so many good things about it, but I’m just not…feeling it. Maybe it’s better as a radio programme – I would like to hear the original broadcast!

I finished Daughter of Smoke and Bones by Laini Taylor earlier this week. I REALLY need the next in the series, and haven’t yet got my mitts on it. And it’s upsetting. I haven’t found a new series I’ve enjoyed as much as this first one in a long time.

I was keeping it to read on the bus and during my breaks at work, but when it came to the last few chapters, left over after my journey home on Tuesday, I rushed home to finish it off, it was that exciting. On a par with the current exciting-ness going on in Borsetshire with poor Helen. And that really is exciting (but not in the OED-sense of the word, perhaps. Very heart-in-mouth, oh-my-gosh, sort of exciting).

Daughter of Smoke and Bones hooked me quite quickly – I was very taken by the blue-haired heroine Karou and her attitude towards the the ex, Kazimir. I liked the setting of Prague, though I don’t know the city at all, and the wintry feel. And I liked the writing.

It seems simple to say I liked the writing, but there’s something in the sentences, in how they’re structured and the words used, which really worked. The whole thing, in fact – the story, the writing, the picture in my mind – was very aesthetically pleasing, and I was very edgy when I came to the end. I’m still a bit antsy, several days later, without more of the story to read.



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