Beneath the Surface – Heidi Perks

It seems right, somehow, that the first book for Que Sera, Sera is a debut novel. So new is this novel that it was released just over a week ago, on Maundy Thursday.

The only reason I know this is because the author is local to me, and I stumbled across her and the book at a book-signing in Waterstone’s. I always was a sucker for a signed copy.

Beneath the Surface - Heidi Perks

I suppose this novel will be classified as a Psychological Thriller. I’m not sure. But then, I haven’t been reading any of the current crop of novels which seem to have created this genre.

Abigail Ryder was seventeen when she came home from school to discover her mother and twin baby sisters gone. Fourteen years later, she’s finally dealing with what that did to her. Elsewhere, her baby sisters are now teenagers, being teenagers.

There’s a subtlety about the writing of this book. It draws you in slowly, with you thinking you can put it down at any moment, only to discover that, actually, you’re further through than you thought, and now you’re hooked, so you can’t. It’s well-written, well-thought-out, and, scarily, actually quite plausible.

I will admit to feeling disappointed at the ending though. I will also admit that it is probably the right ending. I just felt like shouting “Artistic Licence! What’s the point of Artistic Licence if you don’t get the ending you want?” Except I was on a bus, so I didn’t.


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